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A major work by Anne Marie Grønnegaard

Nordbyslægter 1600-2015

Nordbyslægter Anne Marie Grønnegaard has devoted a large part of her life to identifying her descendants from Fanø. Everyone on Fanø knows her great 6-volume book series "Sønderhoslægter". During the last many years she has been working on another large project on descendants from Fanø. This time the focus is on the descendants from Nordby, and it is planned to comprise 4 volumes each of around 1000 pages, a total of 4,000 pages!

The 4 volumes cost DKR 500 + shipping and can be ordered from the author.


An index of names for NORDBYSLÆGTER 1600-2015 has now been compiled, which is alphabetized by surnames. It can be DOWNLOADED FOR FREE as a searchable PDF file (7.7 MB). Apart from the index of names, the file also includes a detailed search guide.

More information is obtainable from
Anne Marie Grønnegaard
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Memoirs by Anne Marie Grønnegaard

A family with roots on Fanø - En familie med rødder på Fanø

En familie med rødder på Fanø Anne Marie Grønnegaard has devoted a large part of her life to identifying her descendants from Fanø. In 1988 she published the 3-volume book series "Sønderhoslægter 1630-1987". In 2005 "Sønderhoslægter 1988-2005", another 3-volume book series followed.

However, with her new book En familie med rødder på Fanø Anne Marie has gathered material for a different kind of book to that of her genealogy books. In this book she talks about her background of having been born and bred in Esbjerg but having very strong ties to Fanø. Many years ago Anne Marie received the memoirs of her aunt Sinne Sonnichsen, neé Thøgersen. With the family's permission, Anne Marie has included these memoirs in her book. They describe a family's life on Fanø and in part also in Esbjerg. She has also included the memoirs of her uncle Søren Hansen Sørensen, which he wrote in connection with receiving the Dannebrog decoration. Finally you get an overview of Anne Marie's close relatives from the past, e.g. uncles, aunts, grandparents and great-grandparents, spiced with additional details of some specific people.

Anne Marie has also chosen to include a short history of the buying-out of Fanø in 1741, in which Niels Sørensen (her 10th great-grandfather) played a central role.

She has corresponded with Nobel Prize winner Niels Kaj Jerne for 10 years and included some of the ideas he passed on to her about the population of Sønderho. All in all, a book in which Anne Marie's sense of facts, attention to detail and correctness are unfailing, but where room has also been left for stories and personal impressions.

The book was launched at a reception with a great turn-out in Sønderho Village Hall on the 28th June 2014.

Price: Old price 200 DKK Now just 100 DKK. Plus postage. Contact us: See bottom of this website.

1988-2005 (3 volumes): ONLY 200 DKK.

Sønderhoslægter er et uundværligt redskab for slægtsforskere
Do you know the book series...

Sønderhoslægter 1630-1987 (Out of stock) and 1988-2005

Produced by Anne Marie Grønnegaard

Well then, my 6-volume book series will definitely be invaluable to you!

Sønderhoslægter består af 6 store bind Genealogist Anne Marie Grønnegaard presents in her life's work 'Sønderhoslægter' the result of her enormous work of recording the whole population of Sønderho and its descendants since 1630 through to the present day; an outstanding achievement within Danish genealogy, which will be admired and valued by everyone interested in Fanø and Sønderho.

The book consist of three parts: Part One (the largest part) is organised around 84 sibling lists, and Part Two is a catalogue of the people who are not included in Part One. Each person is described with the following information: Full name, date and place of birth, date and place of death, or drowning where applicable. Occupation including any titles. Date and place of marriage. Number of children from one or more marriages. Part Two is a catalogue of everyone appearing in church records, who fall outside of the scope of the 84 sibling lists. These are mainly people from the oldest generations, who have migrated to Sønderho. Part Three is an immensely comprehensive and invaluable index of names.
Sønderhoslægter 1630-1987 består af 3 bind Sønderhoslægter 1988-2005 består også af 3 bind
Sønderhoslægter 1630-1987 Out of stock
84 sibling lists with an index of more than 23,000 names.
Published in 1988 and comprising 3 large volumes (1622 pages in total).

Sønderhoslægter 1988-2005
84 sibling lists with an index of 21,000 names.
Published in 2005 and comprising 3 large volumes (1704 pages in total).
Prices: 1 book set consisting of 3 volumes: NOW JUST 300 DKK plus postage.

Do you have roots on Fanø? This great work can become yours!
If you are interested in buying my books, have roots on Fanø or would like to know more about Fanø's ancestry and history, you are welcome to contact me.

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What they said and wrote about the book
"Grønnegaard has with the three further volumes again displayed her impressive skills, knowledge and overview in compiling and recording Sønderho's ancestry - and her fantastic will power. This work goes beyond standard genealogy books, as it compiles the history of an entire parish. As far as I'm aware, no other genealogy work does that. It has therefore already attracted attention as the basis for research, because sociologist as well as health researchers have shown an interest". Karen Baungaard in Fanø Ugeblad, 20th Oct. 2005.

" - It is an invaluable piece of work, because as soon as I see a name, be it Kromann, Thøgersen, Antonisen or Brinch in a newspaper, and I don't know the person, I can then just go in and check in Anne Marie Grønnegaard's books to see whether or not I'm related to them, explains Finn Brinch". Vestkysten 16th Oct. 2005.

Do you know the Grønnegaard family and its chronicles? Niels Grønnegaard Pedersen has collected the chronicles and published them in two volumes.
Descendants from Nordby
As mentioned above I have also been working for many years on a similar project about my descendants from Nordby from the 1600s through to the 21st century. If you have any questions, photographic material or information on this subject, I would also very much like to hear from you.

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